Salvation may be easy to have but certainly it is the costliest thing you can think of, both in heaven, on earth and beneath. There is nothing that can be compared to it, so it must be guided jealously even more than your priced possessions.

A lot of believers most times believe that as a civil servant, you cannot behave an act differently especially when it has to do with coming to work late and signing 8.00am or so that if you sign the right time u came may be 9:30am that you may be signing your resignation letter. But on the contrary if anything bad had happened in the office before you come in, and people that came early were to be held responsible and you did not knw of it you came by 10am and signed 8am and the timebook is called and everybody who signs 8:00am uptill the time that mishap was discovered were to be sacked or suspended until that issue is settled what will you tell God? What will be your strong reason that you will present before God considering the fact that naturally and spiritual God has prevented you from it but you purposely went in on your own self-righteous attitude?

We fail to realized that the bible said all liars shall have their portion in the lake of fire … how do you that purposely cheat the public by going to work, and lied while signing time book different from the governor, commissioner or minister or president that embazzle money in the sight of God Almighty? We have becomed equally joked with unbeliever but still feel we are not like them. Didn’t Jesus said “if your righteousness does not surpass that of the Scribes and Pharasees you cannot enter the kingdom of God” have we by our attitude even match the scribes and the pharasees not to considered surpassing them? Let’s think on these things if we can still enter boldly into the presence of God and lift up holy hands to Him.


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