New month message

Dearly beloved, the children of Israel had cried and mourned for 30 days at the death of Moses. If you read that scripture (Deu. 34:8 (KJV)) too fast, you might not understand the gravity. Moses was the man who brought them out of Egypt. He was God’s mouthpiece to them. The people had no other clue to getting direction from God outside Moses. God did incredible things through Moses that commanded their respect.

Then suddenly, Moses was gone. Imagine the feel of hopelessness and helplessness that enveloped them and then Joshua, who was neither tried nor tested was to assume leadership. Imagine how they felt when even the promised land was still a promise yet to manifest and Moses was gone. Yet after 30 days, the bible says the days of weeping and mourning were ended.

Let me ask you: what has died in your life that you are still weeping over? What is that situation that has given you sleepless night and forced you to wet your pillows with tears in the wee hours of the morning? What is that condition that appears so overwhelming that you cannot overcome? Whatever it is, I come to you with a word from God: today your weeping comes to an end.

Happy New Month

-Bishop Mike Okonkwo

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