Functioning By Divine Mandate I

“And the LORD said unto Moses, See, I have made thee a god to Pharaoh: and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet.” Exodus 7:1

God had raised Moses from the backside of the desert after he ran away from Egypt. Moses, practically said he was not ready to serve God again and he started taking care of sheep, yet God met him. Beloved, you cannot run away from God. Wherever you go, the eye of the Lord is there with you. Moses ran from Egypt, and thought he had put everything about Egypt behind him; but even in Midian, the Lord visited him. God said to him, Moses you are going back to Egypt to bring back My people out of bondage. Moses gave all kinds of excuses, but once God’s hand is upon you, child of God, you cannot escape from Him.

Man can never fight with God, when He is on your case you better surrender because you can never win; and so Moses finally accepted. God showed him a lot of signs to show him that it was a done deal and when he got there Pharaoh said I don’t know the God you are talking about, the only god I know is me, so which God told you that the people should go? Pharaoh said, go and tell that God that I don’t know who He is. He said it appeared that the people were lazy and they don’t have what to do and so Pharaoh made their work harder and they turned to stone Moses. And in chapter 7, God said to Moses, I have made you a god over this Pharaoh you are afraid of. In other words, this situation that you are scared of, I have put you in-charge of it. You have to see that you are a god to him, you have to look beyond his physical strength and military might and don’t be afraid but go back and tell him your people must be allowed to go.

The fact that the devil resists you does not mean that he will not obey you. He will not give up very easily, so your part as a child of God is to stand and fight the good fight of faith. You have God’s divine mandate to rule. God said as long as you see Pharaoh as a no go area, you can never confront him. If you don’t see yourself as superior to him, he will master you. A lot of believers are allowing their situation to be master to them. You see that’s why divine imperatives are necessary to access God’s promises for us. The promise will not just fall on you like that; you have to do something to access them. You must see the promise even when there is nothing to see.

Further Reading: Exodus 7:1-25 Daily Bible Reading: Morning: Psalms 63-65; Evening Romans 6

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