For Ladies and Gentlemen

Yvonne Chinonye Onokah

Dear ladies: Sometimes men may not understand that they love you until you are with someone else andu are about to wed… At this period, u may receive other marriage proposals, sometimes, from your very good male friends and confidants. What do u do then? Before that time comes, Sincerely and honestly pray! before u say yes to be engaged…. Be sure this man is who you really! want/need/prayed for… Not just d one u said yes to because, he was the only one dat proposed/ d best option out of the ones dat proposed. Be strongly convinced dat ur heart/soul and everything is saying yes to the man you are about to get engaged to and u are about to marry. This way, when d other people who u have known all ur life/ are ur good friends/ confidants/ ur exes (Are trying to bring up happy memories of d past) or start bombarding u with marriage proposals, left/right and center, u will not be confused, nor hesitate, nor leave ur fiance. Also, firmly but politely say no, stop picking their calls/replying their mails/chats/ stop communicating with them( Especially the ones dat have refused to accept u are about to marry ur choice). Confide in ur fiance ( Transparency is a good virtue to start ur lives together as a married couple). Let ur fiance know what is going on, If he is wise, he will figure out a non violent way to protect u from that man/ other men. And Dear Men, Same principle applies to u too! Some women will suddenly become attractive/ more appealing to u bcos u are about to propose/ have proposed and u are about to wed. Pray o! and be sure the lady u proposed to is your heart beat/queen/first and only lady for u before u propose. Let us stop/curb this changing our minds thing/ or confusion and the pain/humiliation it generates via broken engagements. God bless!

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