Functioning By Divine Mandate II

“For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.” Romans 8:5

Since the fall of man, human beings have been concentrating on the flesh but you are not flesh but spirit and spirit beings feed on spiritual things. That’s why Jesus said man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. If you only want to live by the food you eat, you are going to be limited to this flesh and you will not be able to control life because you are allowing the flesh to rule you. That is why a lot of believers are living frustrated lives.

God has placed a divine mandate on you. You have His express permission to rule and reign here on earth. The fact that you are not exercising it does not make it unreal. The mandate is real. Take for example, do you know right now, wherever you are, pictures are going all over the place but you cannot see it? If you put on a TV set right now, and you have the right equipment, you can receive different television stations, which you could not see a moment ago. Does it mean they were not in existence when you could not see them? Of course not, they were there but you could not see them because you were not connected to them. Even if you have all the gadgets and you do not put them on, the same thing happens, you will still not receive those TV signals. Because you could not see it doesn’t mean it did not exist, it does exist and it is real.

In the same way the fact that you are struggling with your Christian life does not make the victory Jesus provided any less available. But for you to appropriate it, you must come to terms with it, accept it and enforce it. All that Jesus will do He has done, He has passed the baton to you to walk in His steps and He expects you to walk in it. Ever before you were born, the price had been paid. The Lord had taken the victory and released it to you, your part is to receive it and walk in it. How do you do that? First and foremost, read the word, secondly, study it, thirdly meditate on it, fourthly speak it to yourself – confess it and finally, don’t give up until you see the result. Stand your ground knowing that if any one must give up, it is the devil.

Further Reading: Colossians 2: 4 – 15 Daily Bible Reading: Morning: Psalms 66-67; Evening Romans 7

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