If You do not intend to marry her please leave her alone

Women, we love attention, care and communication. Do not keep getting close. It is very wrong of you to allow a lady to love you and then you go marry someone else. Please, be considerate.

If you do not love her like that, then force yourself to be civil/ polite or you ignore or avoid her. So that, when you are getting married, God will be pleased, because no one got hurt or disappointed. Please, avoid calling, texting, paying her complements, helping her, advising her, counseling her, watching her intently; stop making sacrifices for her. A woman is wired to love, and she is prone/ likely to love you when you are doing these things. That is just the way we God created us.

It is therefore sad to see brothers who have done these things and possibly more, (almost and actually professing love for or even professing love for one lady, visited her family, met her friends etc ) displaying pictures and wedding invitation of his impending marriage to another lady shortly afterwards. Do you realize that on your day of joy, someone else, who you led on/ to believe its her you intend to marry (deliberately or accidentally), is crying and wishing for death?

Please, leave the lady alone now if you know that your heart/life is in promise to another. Honestly speaking, if you sow pain into someone’s life, there is a rule:Someday, it just might catch up with you, a pain, more than that which you sowed. So please, enough! Thanks and God bless.

Yvonne – Relationships Editor


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