I have heard some single women say they like to sample their men/intended husbands “to make sure he is sexually fit, before they marry him”. Please cover your faces for shame! Interestingly, a good percentage of these women are still very single today, due to bad break-ups after these ‘sexual sampling/ fornication’ and a few other failed relationships afterwards.

While some of them lied to their pastors that they abstained during courtships and went ahead to marry, I can authoritatively tell you that some of these now married women wish they are still single due to issues that sprung up after their individual weddings. The truth is, God is not deceived, do not deliberately break HIS Principles and expect everything will be fine (if the foundation is destroyed, what can the righteous do?).

Ladies, how many men will you sample or be sexually sampled by, before you marry? What will you leave for your own husbands: Ugly stretch marks? Saggy skin? Saggy breasts and so forth. Sure, you have a clue as to the meaning of my etcetera. Please, respect yourself and close your legs. Your legs should be a close, that only your own husband goes in and your children come out, not an express way that every Tom, Dick and Harry drives through.

Civilization/gender equality, does not and should not make women lose their moral values. In addition, in spite of what you did in your past…(Remember that GOD forgives you) you can decide to be sexually moral beginning from right now… Even a sex addict can be helped… on her way to recovery… and be healed… and abstain… until she weds.

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I am grateful and very humbled that God enlisted me to write on this very important segment of life.I hope it empowers, uplifts and brings Divine healing to your lives, bodies and minds, as well as to your homes in Jesus name, Amen! Feel free to drop me an email anytime! God bless you and happy reading! Yvonne Chinonye Onokah – Relationships Editor

Yvonne, who is a true worshipper and is completely in love with God, writes from TREM International Headquarters, Lagos. Twitter handle:@yvieprincess Email:

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