You have prayed for a virtuous wife, here are tips to win her love

You have prayed for a virtuous wife, here are tips to win her love.


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Days ago: A male friend asked, “Yvonne, why do seemingly good girls fall for the bad boy types?”. I laughed at first, after some seconds I replied and thought to share my response: Truth is, the seemingly bad boys have what we call swag, (They dress well, smell nice, have/ use the right words, they act nice/confident/ (Even if they are not). They are protective of what is theirs; they walk into a room and command respect/fear/ a combination of both.

They are sometimes rich, powerful and influential and the list goes on. No woman on this planet does not like a rich, powerful and all the above description of a man in hers (she will tell you, “minus the bad boyness” if such a word exists). Solution to winning the love of these good girls for the good/ Church/ Serious minded/Book worm single brothers looking to get married: Please! Dress well/ combine your colors properly, smell nice, use deodorants and nice smelling perfumes, it may not necessarily be expensive (women do not like the smell of sweaty armpits/ bad odors).

Take time to brush your teeth( brown teeth are unattractive), use a mouth wash, it is not expensive, and always carry mint sweets and pop one/two in your mouth before you walk by to say hello etcetera. You may be extremely shy/tongue tied and fidgety, especially when you are near/ in the presence of the woman you are attracted to (it happens to a lot of women too), just smile, try be confident (you must really try!); Please, wipe your sweaty palms on your handkerchief before you extend it for a handshake. Walk with confidence (Please do not keep looking down, Man up), smile politely.

Be polite, firm and well mannered (never allow any harm come near her, nor anyone upset/ insult her, especially in your presence. Every woman loves a genuine, good man who defends her, even when she is very capable of defending herself. She is watching you and taking mental notes. You must also learn to play (but do not overdo it), no woman loves/ likes a 24-hours, serious, frowning, authoritative man; learn to laugh, to look relaxed (This helps the lady relax when you are around).

You must have prayed! (It is important). In addition: Do not take too long (No matter how shy/introverted/tongue tied. You must find a way to tell her how you really feel/propose (Please, never assume she knows/she should be able to tell you love her and wish to marry her). Else, someone else will propose/take her and she’d give you wedding cards, inviting you to her wedding to that other man you know is not going to love/care/support/encourage/protect/pray/provide for her nor believe in her as much as you know God has enabled you to. (Sometimes, she loves you/ is very attracted to you too, you will never know, except you tell her first).

Please, remember, you have the advantage that you are Godly and a committed/Tithe paying, genuine Christian. That is tops on her list of a potential husband. It is more important than swag, sweet words, and so forth. For some women, she wants you to just tell her how you feel/ the way it is, she is not interested in poems/long grammars and so forth. However, if she is, Thank God you can flip through the pages of the songs of Solomon in THE BIBLE for moral support/some motivation (Just tell her, where you got the words). I smile here. A good woman will understand. You have what the supposedly “bad boy” does not. I do pray you find these tips useful and you all get engaged/ married. Yes, you may send me your wedding invitations too! God bless!

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Yvonne – Relationships Editor

Love Sex and Marriage for the Believer

I am grateful and very humbled that God enlisted me to write on this very important segment of life.I hope it empowers, uplifts and brings Divine healing to your lives, bodies and minds, as well as to your homes in Jesus name, Amen! Feel free to drop me an email anytime! God bless you and happy reading! Yvonne Chinonye Onokah – Relationships Editor


Yvonne, who is a true worshipper and is completely in love with God, writes from TREM International Headquarters, Lagos. Twitter handle:@yvieprincess Email:

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