You are Important

You Are Important

“For there stood by me this night the angel of God, whose I am, and whom I serve, Saying, Fear not, Paul …” Acts 27:23-24a

In Acts chapter 27 verse 10, Paul warned the owner and captain of the ship they were sailing in against embarking on the voyage to Italy but they didn’t regard Paul’s warning. The owner and the captain of the ship disregarded the warning because they were looking at the momentary convenience and as they started to move to another harbor, the scriptures said suddenly there arose a great storm, a hurricane came against them and as sure as Paul had said, they could have all been finished because every load was destroyed but their lives were preserved because of one man, Paul.

The devil breaks in on them unannounced when they violated the order. They could have been destroyed but for Paul, this means you are important. You have power inside you, you have anointing and because of that there are certain things that will not happen to you. God saved the entire ship because of one man, Paul. Can you imagine what would have happened if Paul was not in that ship? Child of God, many evils are averted because of you. You are important to God. You may look at yourself and discount yourself, but not God. He loved you so much that He gave Jesus to die for you. Do you know that if you were the only sinner, Jesus would still have paid the price? Your worth to God is not in the amount you have in the bank. He loves you and values you just as you are. He sees you as a vessel in His hands. Can you imagine the boldness and pride with which Paul said, “there stood by me the angel of God, whose I am, and whom I serve”?

Do you know that when you are in a place, there are certain things that of necessity most happen because you are around? If it is not working for other people it will work for you because you are so important to the agenda of God? You carry something others don’t have – you are anointed! You are blessed! This is why things that are impossible for others will give way before you. I see mountains and obstacle give way before you today in Jesus name. I declare you blessed and because you are blessed, anywhere you go things will change to blessing.

Further Reading: Acts 27:9 – 25 Daily Bible Reading: Morning: Psalms 72-73; Evening Romans 9:1-15

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