There Shall Be A Performance

“And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her.” Luke 1:38

Zachariah and his wife, Elizabeth were looking for a child and the angel of the Lord came to him where he was ministering in the temple and said, God has answered you, your wife is going to be pregnant. Do you know what he said? How can I know that it is going to work? He allowed his mind to get in the way and the angel of the Lord had to shut his mouth, otherwise he would have aborted his miracle. In other words, he said prove it to me before I believe. In other words he was saying until I see my old age change and my wife become younger, I don’t see how it is going to work, because we are already stricken in age.

Mary on the other hand said I am a virgin, I am only engaged to marry, I have never had contact with a man and you are saying that I am going to get pregnant, how is it going to happen? Show me how it is going to happen so that I will prepare myself. She wasn’t saying ‘prove it to me.’ But the angel made it more complex by saying the Holy Ghost shall come upon you. She didn’t argue but said “Be it unto me according to your word.” And the angel said “There shall be a performance, because you believed.”

Can you see the sharp contrast between Zachariah and Mary? Both of them were told seemingly impossible things. If you think of it, it was easier for Zachariah to believe because of Abraham’s experience than Mary. Yet, Zachariah was looking for evidence, but Mary in a simple act of faith said: “be it unto me according to your word”. Mary did not think of what the people will say, she did not think of the reaction of Joseph. She knew that if God said it, then He will go ahead of her and sort everything out.

Beloved, don’t try to understand the word with your head. Your head will be transformed when you first receive it in your spirit. When I say your head, I am referring to your mind. So you see, a lot of believers love God and are living for God but they are working by their sight. They want to know how everything is going to happen. Get your mind out of the way and you will see God bring the seeming impossible to pass in your life. Today, this will be your testimony in Jesus name.

Further Readings: Luke 1:26-38 Daily Bible Reading: Morning: Psalms 77-78; Evening Romans 10

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