Operate On Superior Platform

“I have seen the end of all perfection and the commandments of God are broad” Psalm 199:96

God’s commandments are broad, that’s why you must build your life on faith because it is the currency that will enable you receive from heaven. Faith connects you to the supernatural, makes you outstanding, makes you operate on a superior platform, faith will make you overcome challenges, pressures from left, right and center and it will make you rise above feelings. The devil knows we are here on earth and so he wants you to operate by your five senses –seeing, touching, feeling, tasting and hearing it. The believer is not meant to function that way. Listen, God gave you ears, mouth, eyes, hands and nose so you can function in the material world but at the same time, He gave faith to you, the believer, so that you can rise above feelings. So when you got born again, God gave you supernatural faith. Everyone received the same measure of faith when you are saved. However it is your responsibility to build it.

Ephesians 2:4 – says by grace you were saved through the vehicle of faith, in other words God gave you supernatural faith when you were being saved that’s why you accepted that Jesus is your Lord. That’s why He gave you faith and you believed in Him, you accepted Him and got born again. So you have faith.

Everyone has the measure of faith but the extent to which you build your faith determines how far you will go in God. If you stay at the lowest level of faith, the devil will take advantage of you. He will deny you of the blessings that God has made available to you and there is nothing God can do about it. God plays His part by depositing a measure of faith in you when you got saved. But you must play your part by building up your faith and enforcing your right. God has given you a superior platform on which to operate. He wants you to be like Him and speak what you want into existence. He said in Ps. 82: you are gods, children of the Most High. But guess what? He has played His part. You must rise up to the occasion and play your part by operating with confidence from the superior platform – the platform of faith. Remember, without faith, it is impossible to please God.

Further Reading: Hebrews 11:1-6 Daily Bible Reading: Morning: Psalms 81-83; Evening Romans 11:19-36

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