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Today, I join all Young People in the world of TREM to celebrate the grand finale of this year’s edition of METATHESIS with the theme: THE REIGN. Indeed, God visited us as individuals, and as a ministry. I believe in the words of the facilitators and speakers that God brought our way and I know that nothing around us shall remain the same again. The Lord who has caused these words to be spoken over our lives will watch over them to bring them to pass. This year’s conference has indeed been quite impactful, and I believe that the stage has been set for our young people to truly reign and take their world by storm. Just like I said at the opening night and it bears repetition; I believe that this conference will launch some of our young people into global recognition.

I therefore call upon every young person to get ready because something unique is about to break forth in the world of TREM. Beloved, there is already a shift in the realm of the Spirit, and I can see the mighty Hand of God propelling you into a new season. It is a season of new things for you. You may have failed before, but because you are royalty, dust yourself, square your shoulders and get ready to sit on your throne. Get ready to be launched into prominence from today. Listen, this is your moment of acceleration! I prophesy over your life that what took me close to forty years to achieve will come easy for you in Jesus name. As a father, I declare that this is your finest hour. This is your season! This is your defining moment! Something fresh is about to break forth from your life. Hitherto, no one may have reckoned with you, but after this conference, I declare that you will fly.

Beloved, it is no longer news that young people all over the world are daily making impact both in the secular world and in the Kingdom. The point is that if they can impact their world, then you too can. As a Believer, you actually have the advantage of the God factor. For instance, we are told in 2 Chronicles 26 that Uzziah was sixteen years old when he became King in Judah, and he ruled for fifty two years. That was unprecedented in the history of Kings, but the clincher was that he ruled well even as a young person. I itch when I see young people wasting their time and God given resources on mundane things. Put on your imagination; if Uzziah at that tender age could rule a nation, then what excuse do you have not to excel in your campus, job, or wherever the Lord has located you?

My dear young person, it is pertinent to note also that King Uzziah came to the throne at a time when it was not fashionable to serve God. Beloved, at sixteen he made a choice that eternally changed his life and destiny. What choices are you making today? I encourage you to follow the Lord with all your heart and strength. Remember that prophesy has gone ahead of you, but like I would always say; the blessings would not just fall on you like a bag of cherries. You have a role to play. I encourage you to take a quality decision today to serve the God fervently and be a student of the Bible so that you will be properly guided. The Psalmist says in Psalms 119: 9 ‘’wherewith shall a young man cleanse his way? The ‘b’ part of that scripture says ‘’by taking heed thereto according to thy word.’’ Beloved, your friends may suggest that you join them in their carefree lifestyle, but you have a responsibility to say no because you are a Kingdom person. You are royalty and there are things that kings don’t do. Diligently take heed to the word of God. Let the word of God be the final arbiter on all matters. They may call you names, but choose to be different. Hang in there because pretty soon God will be glorified in your life when they see your good works. We are told that King Uzziah’s defining moment came when God helped him both against his enemies and in building great infrastructures that earned him respect. My prayer is that as you continuously serve God, He will help you and show you a token for good.

Beloved, as you leave this conference, I have prayed and I am a firm believer that eyes have not seen neither have ears heard nor has it entered into the heart of man what God has in stock for you. God will drop some incredible ideas into your spirit that will blow your mind away and take your world by storm. I declare that the world will hear of you. You will never go under because you are the seed of the righteous. No man will sit on your throne. You will not labour for trouble. I prophesy that you will go from one level of greatness to the other. Uncommon wisdom and creativity shall be your portion in Jesus name. Indeed, you are the next miracle to be celebrated. This moment will not pass you by. As a father in the house, I bless you.


In His Royal Service

Dr Mike Okonkwo

The Presiding Bishop

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