Beloved, we have become so religious that we fail to understand that we are involved in a kingdom of power and God wants us to live by faith; that is why when you get saved, He gives you faith because He wants you to survive in the kingdom. By faith, Abraham staggered not at the promise of God. He refused to believe the doctor’s report nor the physical happenings and situation in and around him. He didn’t even believe the government report or the popular opinion of men; rather he chose to believe God. He knew God cannot lie.

Can you see your promise already? It is by believing God’s word and living your life in expectation that you will receive what God has said over you. You had better learn to drive your car because pretty soon you won’t be trekking to the church. Start preparing yourself for your expected blessings by learning to do what you should. I declare you will see them.
It’s like someone pregnant; you must celebrate before you see it. You can celebrate before the battle is over because you already know the outcome. Keep on shouting for victory, keep on dancing, keep on singing around, people may laugh at you and mock at
you, thinking you have lost your mind, just keep on dancing, soon they will discover you
never lost your mind, you only saw what others didn’t see. Shout for joy because I see success all over you and your joy shall be full
because of God’s hand upon your life and you will manifest because it’s your time to shine.
Bishop Mike Okonkwo

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