Dont Be A Pharisee

I fast twice in the week, I give tithes of all that I possess Luke 18:12

While I am encouraging you to fast starting from October 1, it does not mean that you should not fast in other months outside October. Fasting is good and should be encouraged. However when you fast, dont be like the Pharisees that go around flaunting it. You wear a long face, you have no perfume or deodorant, you refuse talking with people and those around you become uncomfortable that is not fasting. Look at our text today, can you imagine someone praying like that? When did your fast become the yardstick for God to answer and bless you? Imagine the Pharisee coming to God, instead of humbling himself under the mighty hand of God, he was busy reading out his credentials and for him, a major one is that he fasts twice a week. Hogwash!!!

Dont just laugh at it, check yourself. How do you carry yourself when you are fasting? Do people around you not suspect that something is happening because of your strange behavior? Beloved, fasting does not mean you cannot talk to people in your office. It does not mean you cannot attend meetings. It does not mean that you shun all programs around. If you can take a vacation, that will be good, yes take it, but even then, the people in your house should not be those to suffer it because you pace around the house grumpy and unwelcoming.

When you fast, be of a cheerful countenance. Make people comfortable around you with your looks; take good care of yourself. If you are in the office, at every available time, whisper a prayer from your heart to the Lord. Dont be proud in fasting, rather humble yourself under His might hand. Check your life, are there things you need to deal with, take a decision and deal with them. Let the water of the word wash you constantly through this period. You can get up an hour earlier than usual to read the Bible and pray. As you do, the Lord will refresh you and speak definite words into your heart that will turn every situation confronting you around.

Further Reading: Luke 18:9-14 Daily Bible Reading: Morning: Isaiah 3-4; Evening Galatians 6


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