Still On Fasting

And Jehoshaphat feared, and set himself to seek the LORD, and proclaimed a fast throughout all Judah 2 Chronicles 20:3

Yesterday, we started out on the subject of fasting. I explained what fasting was. I also said fasting without praying is starving. Today, I want to look very briefly at why do we fast?

One thing you should know is that God is TOTALLY good and has all things planned out for your good. So when you fast, you are not trying to change the mind of God concerning your life. Fasting does not position God, rather, fasting repositions you to the place where you can receive from God.

Every time man takes out time to fast, it is always an opportunity for God to get your attention and give you certain instructions for your life. The scripture above talks of one of the kings of Judah Jehoshaphat; he was a king with a mandate from God to rule, yet enemies came against him. He knew God had ordained him king, yet the adversary confronted him. The fact that you are in the will of God does not exclude you from the attacks of the devil. A few days ago I made it clear that every believer is engaged in a war. So what does fasting do? Fasting opens you up to hear the voice of God. In fasting and prayer, God speaks to your innermost being and gives you very clear instructions concerning your life and other things around you. You can pray without fasting, but you cannot fast without praying, but when you combine both, you put yourself in a place where your spirit man is alert and in tune to hear even the whisper from the throne of grace.

Look at Jesus, before He started His ministry, even though He is God, He knew the importance of fasting. Before He chose His disciples, He fasted. The same with the Apostles, every time a major decision is about to be taken, they gave themselves to prayer and fasting and at each time, the result was outstanding. I want to encourage you, do not give excuse, prepare to fast. Decide to fast. Push back the plate throughout the month of October and seek the face of God. Receive divine keys to the breakthrough you are believing Him for. During your prayer time, always have a notebook and a biro or your handheld device or anything you have to take notes. Dont think you can remember, write down everything the Lord drops in your spirit. Receive instruction from His mouth. You may not understand it now, but write it down. Keep the journal and make it your reference point throughout the coming year. I believe that even before this fast is over, your testimony will be in your hands.

Further Reading: 2 Chronicles 20:1 – 19 Daily Bible Reading: Morning: Isaiah 1-2; Evening Galatians 5


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