You Will Not Fast In Vain

So we fasted and besought out God for this: and he was intreated for us. Ezra 8:23

Today, as you prepare yourself towards the coming fast, I stand in faith with you that everything that you bring before God this month will get a speedy response. No matter what has delayed in your life over these years, months, weeks and days will no longer delay in Jesus name. You might have joined in the fast in previous years and some things seemed unmoveable, this October marks their end in Jesus name.

Ezra was undertaking the rebuilding of the temple. He had gathered the people together, God had given him favour and everything he asked for he got. Now it was time to travel and he realized that the journey had every tendency to be dangerous. He had choices; he could go to the king and demand for military protection. If he did, there is a high probability that it will be granted. But in verse 22 of Ezra 8 he said that he was ashamed to inquire of the king for security, so he called for a fast.

What is the need in your life that you are ashamed of? What is that thing bothering you that you cannot even share with your closest pal? This is a unique opportunity to unburden it before the Lord. Take it to God in prayer in this season. Dont let the situation overwhelm you. God is bigger than whatever may be confronting you. He is the Alpha (the beginning) and Omega (the end). He knows everything about you; yet He is not ashamed to call you His own. He loves you with an everlasting love and His ears are open to hear and His arms are open to receive and embrace you.

I stand in faith with you that while you are yet speaking, the Lord will answer you. He will exceed your expectation and your desires shall come to pass. You will not fast in vain.

Further Reading: Ezra 8:21 23 Daily Bible Reading: Morning: Isaiah 5-6; Evening Ephesians 1


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