You Will Receive Direction

As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, … Acts 13:2a

When you wait on the Lord, like I mentioned some days back, your spirit man is open to receive everything from God. Look at the scripture above, there was no prior plan to transfer Paul out of that local church, but as they ministered to the Lord He spoke to them. He spoke to them in an area that they were both privy to before then and if you look at the books of Acts from this point on, you see the ministry of Paul expanding. Have you stopped to wonder if the letters penned by Paul would have been there if he was not released by the church for the missionary journey?

As you prepare to wait on him in a few days from now, come before Him with an open mind. Dont come with a stereotyped picture of God. He is God; you are not. You cannot even see beyond your nose. If I ask you now, what will happen within the next few hours, you cannot tell me. Why? It is because these are the things that make Him God. If God tells you everything, then you dont need to live by faith. God has not made man to be independent of Him; rather He made man to depend totally on Him.

I have said it repeatedly and it still bears repetition, dont come into the presence of God without a notebook and a biro. Be open, He can choose to speak on any area. You might be praying concerning your finances and He chooses to give you direction about your ministry; dont throw it away. Thank Him for it and meditate on it till you become one with it. In the place of prayer, God can weed your friends, He can connect you to someone who is a destiny helper, whom you dont even know exists anywhere around. You might be praying concerning your business and He chooses to talk to you about your family. Dont resist Him. Stay open receive every word and go to war with it. Your obedience can become the platform for generations unborn to be blessed.

Your future is bright and colourful but you need to receive instructions from His mouth. He longs to fellowship with you; to listen to you and also speak to Him. Prepare your heart to receive and I know you will not be disappointed.

Further Reading: Acts 13: 1 4; Habakkuk 2: 1 – 4 Daily Bible Reading: Morning: Isaiah 7-8; Evening Ephesians 2


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