Enter Into His Presence With Thanks giving

Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and unto His courts with praise, be thankful unto Him , and bless His name Psalm 100:4

I challenge you to take stock of your life. Review your life January to date, touch yourself and say I am still around. But I have many unanswered prayer; things have not turned out the way it was planned etc might be your complains, but do you know that only the living has prayer points; only the living has expectations. The fact that you are still around is proof that all He has said will come to pass.

Today as we begin the one-month fast, take time to thank God. Many wanted to be a part of it today, but they are no more. Many want to fast even for the next three months if that could guarantee the healing or deliverance, but unfortunately they cannot. But you are free, in good health and with access to this devotion that is proof that God will do everything that He has promised to you. Dont give up and dont give in.

What are you thanking God for? First and foremost for life. No one can give you the air you breathe but God gave it to you freely. Is He not worthy of thanksgiving? What of the sickness that you have gone through and survived; yet many when through similar situations and they died. What of the numerous deliverances He wrought for you this year? I know you might not be where you planned to be by this time, but you are not where you used to be. There have been different challenges, and you have overcome them all.

Dont just thank God today and think it is over, make up your mind to live in an attitude of thanksgiving. Never rush in and out of His presence, take time to appreciate Him. Praise Him in all languages and let everything that has breadth praise Him. David who wrote so many Psalms had good share of challenges, yet those challenges never blocked his vision to acknowledge Him. He knew that situations come and go, but God remains the same. Beloved, learn to live in an atmosphere of thanksgiving. Be thankful to Him and bless His name.

Further Reading: Psalm 100:1-5 Daily Bible Reading: Morning: Isaiah 11-13; Evening Ephesians 4


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