Your Dream Is Still Alive

And they said to him, Joseph is still alive! And he is governor over all the land of Egypt. And Jacobs heart began to stop beating and [he almost] fainted, for he did not believe them. Genesis 45:26 (AMP)

If you read the full story, Joseph was the beloved of the father and the father made it obvious. The other children got jealous and when the right opportunity came, they sold Joseph into slavery and as far as his brothers were concerned that was the end of Joseph. They said to one another, at least the fathers boy is gone; let us see how his dreams will come to pass. But they did not remember is the God-factor.

I know that your dream, like that of Joseph may appear aborted. But I come to declare to you that your dream is still alive. Those around you might be making fun of you thinking all hope is lost for you, but I come today to speak into your life, the dream will not just grow, it will blossom and all men will see it. Daniel too faced an impossible situation, because of his commitment to God, when the king passed the decree to throw anyone who will pray to God into the lions den, he went ahead and prayed. Of course he was thrown into the Lions den. Those who plotted against him went rejoicing thinking it was all over, unfortunately they did not consider the God-Factor and for the first time in the history of mankind, a voice was heard from the lions den and the king commanded Daniel to be brought out.

If the story had ended there, people could have said that the king threw Daniel in after the lions had eaten and were full. Thank God for the king, who decided that the people who plotted against Daniel should be thrown into the den and before they landed, the lions has torn then into pieces. Beloved, no matter what they do to you, they cannot kill your dream. The only person that can destroy your dream is you. No external factor can stop your dream from coming to pass.

What are those dreams you have thrown into the archive. Take advantage of this time of fasting, put all those dreams together and begin to pray concerning them. Your dream will not die in Jesus name.

Further Reading: Genesis 45: 1 8 Daily Bible reading: Morning: Isaiah 14-16; Evening Ephesians 5:1-16



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