Witness Your Faith

But ye shall receive power after that the HolyGhost is come upon you and ye shall be witnesses unto me… Acts 1:8 KJV

As a child of God, you have a responsibility to witness your faith everywhere you go. You have the task of telling someone about the fact that you are a Christian. Dont be a secret service Christian. Let people know. Make it plain. Make it open. Let them see it in your words, in your thoughts and in your deeds that you are a believer. Let them know you are a child of God. Let them know that you are serving God. Witnessing your faith helps to strengthen you. It helps to guide you because once you have told somebody that you are a Christian, there are certain things expected of you, there are things you cannot say, there are things you cannot do and there are places you cannot go.

The woman at the well of Samaria did not know much, but she went into town with the little she knew and brought souls to the kingdom. You might not be able to preach, but you can share your personal experience, that is witnessing. The woman told them her personal encounter and they all knew her, so they could tell she had an encounter and of course, they followed her. I am sure you also have a story; share your story with people and I know it will encourage someone to depend solely on God and before you know it, a soul has been won.

Beloved, you must witness your faith in your office. Wherever you are let people know you are a child of God. It protects you. It is not just about going to Church, it is possible to go to any Church in this world and not be a child of God. Beloved, let people know that you are a child of God without even seeing your Bible. The woman Jesus met at the well simply told her folks. Come, see a man (John 4:29 KJV). In other words, people should see Christ in our lives. Our lives should preach Jesus. People should see Christ in all that I do and get involved in, without opening my mouth to preach.

Child of God, you are not where you are by accident; you are there for a specific assignment. God has positioned you where you are as a light so let that light shine. Your light truly shines when your lifestyle witnesses Christ. I pray for you today that wherever you find yourself Christ will be manifest in your thoughts, words and deeds, your lifestyle will be an example of a believer and the name of the Lord will be glorified in all you do in Jesus name.

Further reading: John 4:27 – 42Acts 8:4-8 Daily Bible Reading: Morning: Isaiah 39-40; Evening Colossians 4


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