Rise Up And Fight (11)

When Saul and all Israel heard those words of the philistine, they were dismayed and greatly afraid 1 Samuel 17:11 KJV

Enough of playing church, we are not in a dress rehearsal. The warfare we are involved in is real and the enemy we are contending with is not relenting, he is getting bolder and bolder and becoming fiercer and fiercer by the day. Goliath stepped out and was tormenting Gods people on a daily basis, but Saul and all his army were so fearful that they ran into hiding. I declare today that you will not be intimidated, be it in your job, your business, your marriage, academics or your health.

Have you ever wondered, child of God, why God didnt just rise up and be God and simply destroy the enemy in one swoop. Think of it! Why didnt God just take up the challenge and fight the enemy? The reason is that God will not fight the battle that you should fight. Gods promise is to do for you what you cannot do for yourself. God will not do for you what He has equipped you to do for yourself. That is why you do not just sit down and expect that the blessings of God will fall on you like a bag of cherries. It does not work that way. You must rise up; pick up your amour and fight. You are called to war. You are a warrior, there is a warrior in you and there is a fight in you. That is why you are restless, as long as the situation lingers, you will remain restless. The time to arise is now.

God instructed Adam to keep the garden. That was indicative of the fact that there is an enemy already there striving to take the garden. Every time God puts a blessing on the table, there is a hand that wants to take it from the table. But the good thing is that He has anointed your head with oil to stop the enemy! Beloved, you have what it takes to stop the enemy and make him watch as you eat because you are anointed. I declare to you today that rise up boldly and fight, your fear will fear you. God will overrule your enemy. What appeared impossible shall be made possible, where doctors have failed, God will arise and be God for you.

I bless you today.

Further reading: Genesis 14:14-16, Joshua 11:16-19. Daily Bible Reading: Morning: Isaiah 56-58; Evening 2 Thessalonians 2


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