Stay At It

I press towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14 KJV

When you have received direction for your life from God, be determined that you will get there. Be consistent in your pursuit. Keep going. Dont look back no matter the obstacle. No matter what may come your way to distract you, stay at it. Dont allow anyone to pull you back. If you start and you fail, try again. Never give up! Show me anybody that ever amounted to anything, I will show you somebody who stayed at it. Dont be in the company of those who start something and run back. It is so sad that some people will start in the right direction and because of one challenge or the other they stop halfway.

The problem with some believers is that they are never consistent neither are they persistent. They never persevere at what they are doing; a little challenge easily puts them off. They always start at one thing and stop halfway. When they see someone doing well in an area of business, they assume it is easier in that particular area, then they quit what they started and put their hands on the seemingly easier business only to find out it is challenging everywhere. Stop this half measure attempts and make up your mind to stay at what you are doing. Every good goal will always face challenges. Everyone that is succeeding has had to put up with one challenge or the other. You need to be consistent and to persevere in order to reach your desired goal.

When the Bible speaks of the hundredfold, sixtyfold and thirtyfold in Matthew 13:8, it does not mean that God wants to give you just thirtyfold or sixtyfold. God always wants to give you a hundredfold but when you start in the right path and you are not consistent, you never reach the hundredfold. You will only end up with thirtyfold. Those who go a step further will receive sixtyfold, but those who stayed at it receive the hundredfold. May the Lord give you the grace to persevere and reach your hundredfold. All that He has reserved for you will come to you and you shall lose nothing in Jesus name.

Further reading: Ruth 2:4-19, Matthew 13:3-9. Daily Bible Reading: Morning: Isaiah 45-46; Evening 1 Thessalonians 3


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