It is my joy to come your way again this week to reassure you that by the end of this fasting and prayers, everything that once stood against you, would have given way for your sake. We thank God who has brought us this far. Let me use this opportunity to encourage you to hang in there, for the Lord who has called you unto glory and virtue did not call you to seek Him in vain. Let me encourage you from this scripture in 1 Samuel 17: 29

‘’And David said, what have I done? Is there not a cause?’’ (KJV)

Beloved, often times when believers are confronted with challenges and contrary situations some tend to wish it away, while some others pretend that it does not exist and rather than confront it, they prefer to maintain the status quo. The enemy takes advantage of the status quo and builds a stronghold. The truth is that whatever you tolerate in your life has the capacity to grow and overwhelm you. The devil is a liar and that is why you must get ready to confront your confrontations and challenge your challenges this period of fasting. Don’t forget that when God created you, He had something in mind; a plan, and a purpose. You must therefore arise against whatever it is that contends with God’s plan and agenda for your life and I can assure you that it will give way, because the battle has already been decided in your favour.

In 1 Samuel 17, God’s people were daily harassed and intimidated by Goliath and of course no person could dare challenge him. Everyone was limited, garaged and literally brought to their knees by one man. David also heard the challenge and decided it was time to put an end to the siege against God’s people even if it meant breaking protocol. All the ‘mighty men of war’ were terrified by the arsenals of Goliath and could only stand by and tolerate the insults, shame and embarrassment. What is that condition that has tormented you and brought tears to your eyes? I have come to challenge you to rebel against it in the place of prayers because you have a covenant relationship with the God of Israel. You will notice that David ran towards Goliath rather than run away from him. Refuse to be intimidated by the size of your challenge, but rather run towards it and obtain your victory, because I know that your Goliath will fall before you. That Goliath attacking your health, business, finances and family is coming down in Jesus name.

This period, identify those areas where you need a change; write them down and take them to God in prayers, because you cannot change what you are not discontented with. For instance, you must get angry with that sickness in your body, because it is not the will of God for you to remain afflicted. His will is that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers. Stand upon that word of promise and begin to declare healing to your body, marriage or business. Don’t just keep quiet or mumble words when others are praying, but mean business this time around. Remember that If you must break whatever has become a negative pattern in your life, you need to rebel against it. When you disagree with your situation, you will come to the throne of grace and exchange your inability for His ability; you will exchange your lack for His abundance; you will exchange your barrenness for His fruitfulness.

You are no doubt aware that God’s people lived in Egypt for over 400 years and suffered untold hardship because a Pharaoh that knew not Joseph arose. When they disagreed with their situation and cried out, God sent a deliverer Moses. Don’t just sit down and expect God to move. You must get tired of the situation and take a step of faith. If the people of God had refused to move out from Egypt, no Angel would have done it for them. They also took a step of faith by asking their neighbors to give them articles of silver and gold. Notice that it was the same Egyptians who were once their masters that released their resources. God would move when you have moved by faith. By implication, begin to plan for that wedding even though you don’t know where the money will come from. Begin to buy baby things for the baby you are expecting even when you have not seen anything yet. Call forth those things that be not as though they were. Believe God and do your part by faith, then leave the rest to God. Beloved as you take a step of faith this period, God will also move on your behalf. He will honour your faith.

I will hear your testimony.


In His Royal Service Dr Mike Okonkwo

The Presiding Bishop


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