The Last Day Church

Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Matthew16:18

In this scripture, Jesus mentioned something powerful. He said: upon this rock, He is not talking about upon Peter like some have interpreted it. Jesus was saying in effect that upon this understanding you receive a revelation which makes you strong. When you receive a revelation of whom God is and what He is saying, you get better, you get stronger. Jesus was simply saying that upon this understanding, the church of God will do exploits in the last days. The forces of evil cant pull down the church that has the understanding about who God is and what He is saying. This church understands that they are Gods voice on earth. They are His authorised agent and they are his ambassadors. A church that understands that she has the power and that when she appears, evil disappear cannot be defeated.

He says upon this understanding I will build my church. He was referring to a type of church that is well informed of whom God is and whom He has made us, not a weak church that carries cup in their hands begging, but a church that is wealthy and loaded. The Lord began to speak to me some time ago that the glory of this house shall be greater than the former. As I began to ponder on this, I recalled the temple that Solomon built, how heavy it was, the amount of money that was spent on it and yet God said, the glory of the latter shall be greater.

He said dont be afraid: The silver is mine; the gold is mine. He said the money will come to you. Money will look for you. Just understand that whatever God has said is already established. You are not poor, you are not in need neither are you in want. The abundance of heaven is your portion. You are not stranded. You can never be defeated. Jesus said this is the type of church He will build and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it. Whatever has been prevailing over you stops today in the name of Jesus.

Further reading: Matthew 16:13 – 19 Daily Bible Reading: Morning: Jeremiah 12-14; Evening 2 Timothy 1


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