Take Away The Stone

Jesus said, take ye away the stone. Martha, the sister of him that was dead, saith unto Him Lord by this time he stinketh, for he had been dead four days. John 11:39.

After Mary and Martha brought the news of Lazarus death to Jesus, He asked where the body was but the body had been buried so Jesus approached the tomb. May be your case has been buried. People have said you will not resurrect, your situation is dead and rotten, it can never happen for you. Your family has rejected you. You are written off, your friends have written you off. Professional mourners are all over the place weeping and crying because of you. Jesus said, I am the Resurrection and the Life. Roll away the stone. What is the stone? Its the stone of doubt and unbelief. Lord is saying to you today, roll away the stone.

What is the stone in your case? The stone of Ten Commandments that you cannot keep because if you depend on the Ten Commandments, you cannot keep them, there is no hope for you. He said take away the stone for grace has arisen in your situation. When grace comes, it overrules everything. When grace arrives, it doesnt matter what you have done wrong or right, it just overrules and says: I take over. God sent me to tell you that He has taken over your situation. Jesus called on the dead saying, Lazarus, come forth! When grace speaks, every other voice is silenced. Death will bow to grace. Poverty will bow to grace. Sickness, diseases, pains and agony will bow to grace. Lazarus was shut off in the grave but grace came and removed the stone. Grace entered with healing, deliverance and miracles took place.

I release miracles in your life. I declare miracles in your situation. You will deliver miracle babies. You will be promoted, your business will blossom, and your body will be healed. Doors will be opened to you; your husband will come. Your wife will come. Money will not be a hindrance. You will succeed and you will celebrate. I bless you today.

Further reading: John 11:26 – 44 Daily Bible Reading: Morning: Jeremiah 27-29; Evening Titus 3


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