Guard Your Ear Gate (1)

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17

Your ear gate is a major gate from where you receive information; therefore you must be careful about what you allow to pass through it. In Numbers 13:21, the people said to themselves we are not able, we cannot handle this situation, we are like grasshoppers, the land eats its people, thats what they kept hearing on a daily basis. What you hear is capable of building your faith for a miracle or aborting your miracle. Those people kept on hearing we cannot, we will die in the land, we cannot make it. If you go to Numbers 14, God said just as I heard you say, you are going to die in the wilderness except your children. I will preserve your children because they didnt say it. You will go round and round until you all die in this wilderness and they all died, except Joshua and Caleb who said they are well able.

Remember what happened in 1 Samuel 17, how Goliath will come out morning and evening and say to the army of Israel give me a man, you cowards! He was talking to covenant people, he was talking to people who God will never leave or forsake. Yet, Goliath will shake his fist at them and say, give me a man! I dont need to fight all of you, if that man brings me down, then all of us will be your slaves. He will tell them this in the morning and in the evening but they failed to take charge of their ears; what they heard produced fear and they hid in the trench.

Many people are hiding in the trenches of life; the grapes are ready but you are not able to touch it because you are not able to come out of the trench. The table is already prepared but you cannot eat it because you are hearing the devil saying, I will kill you, I will pluck out your eyes, you just try and I will show you what I can do. This kind of car is not for people like you, who told you that you are not supposed to be living in a one-room apartment? That is where you will live and die. And so when you bring out your head to plan for big things and you hear the voice, you pull back.

Goliath spoke loud and with intimidation and after speaking the children of Israel not only hear the words, but it paints the picture and that determines what you see. But when David appeared at the scene, he made them to hear a different thing. He said who is this uncircumcised that he will defy the army of Israel; today his head is coming down. That was the beginning of Israels victory and the fall of Goliath. I see your Goliath fall today in Jesus name. So, guard your ear.

Further Reading: Mark 5:35-43 Daily Bible Reading: Morning: Lamentations 3-5; Evening Hebrews 10:19-39


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