Guard Your Ear Gate (2)

As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, Be not afraid, only believe. Mark 5:36

A man named Jairus went to Jesus and said my daughter is sick, come and pray for her so that she can live and Jesus said I will come. And as they were going the woman with an issue of blood took her miracle and that caused a little delay for them to get to Jairus house. As they were approaching Jairus house some carriers of bad news came to them and said, it is too late your child is dead. Naturally that caused fear in Jairus, but before the fear could gain ground, Jesus interjected and said to him, fear not, only believe. Jairus had allowed his ear gate to receive fear but Jesus had to cut in and stop the fear before it produces death. Child of God, what you give attention to determines your actions. Faith comes by HEARING, in the same vein, doubt and fear comes by HEARING.

The question I have for you is simple: What are you listening to? What are you feeding on? If you feed on the positives, you will produce positive results. But if you feed on negatives, then dont blame the devil, take responsibility because you are a product of what you hear. Jesus said, Take heed what you hear (Mark 4:24). Today, we have different news flying around. Yes with the natural ear, you hear all the bad news going on, but beyond the first hearing is the second hearing, where you hear and receive it into your spirit man. That is the major challenge. Yes, Jairus heard with his natural ears that his daughter was dead. But before he could process it and hear it the second time in his spirit man, Jesus interjected. What are you hearing in your spirit man? What is consuming you? Is it the word of God or the word of man? Is it the good news or the bad news? Is it faith or fear?

Jesus said, only believe and he believed and when they got to the house, Jesus said to the dead child Talitha cumi, which means damsel I say unto you arise, and she rose and Jesus handed her over to her father. Death said you will not live but Jesus says arise; death says you will never rise up again but Jesus says arise, because what He has spoken will change what death has spoken, the girl got up. Choose what your ear. Listen and meditate on the word of God. The Psalmist said once the Lord has spoken, but twice have I heard it (Psalm 62:11). I declare your ears shut to every negative proclamation in Jesus name.

Further Reading: Mark 5:21-43 Daily Bible Reading: Morning: Ezekiel 1-2; Evening Hebrews 11:1-19


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