Dont Abandon Your Altar (2)

So Abram journeyed, going on still toward south Genesis 12:9

When you abandon your altar, you disconnect from God and any man that is disconnected from God is just existing and not living because your life flows from God. Anytime you leave your altar, problem will begin as we can see in the life of Abram in verse 9 of Genesis 12, Abraham after erecting the altar instead of him to stay by the altar he chose to journey on, and scripture says he kept going on still toward the south and this marked the beginning of his problems.

Problem starts anytime a man leaves his altar, because it is only in the presence of God you can experience the fullness of joy and the bible says when you delight yourself in the Lord He will grant you the desires of your heart. Desires are not granted in the south but on the altar: a place of worship. The bible also says if you abide in me and my word abides in you, whatsoever you ask that will I do. Instead of Abram to abide at the place of his altar he decided to journey south. Notice that instead of Abram to retrace his steps he kept on going down to the south until he entered Egypt. And this is exactly what some of us do.

Beloved, you can get it wrong but when you get it wrong, do not stay there, locate where you are and start making adjustment. Dont be too arrogant to admit your errors, humble yourself, accept that you have missed it and go back to God like the prodigal son. When he discovered he had blown it, he came back to his father and he found forgiveness and deliverance. In the same vein if you know you have abandoned your altar; a place of sacrifice, worship, commitment and a place where you meet God; retrace your step and rebuild the altar and you will see the fire fall again.

Further Reading: Psalm 37:4-7, Luke 15:18-24 Daily Bible Reading: Morning: Ezekiel 20-21; Evening James 5


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