I Can

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me Philippians 4:13

In the book of Judges Chapter eleven, we read about the man Jephthah. Jephthah was the son of a harlot and as if that was not enough, his brethren also threw him out when his father died. In spite of these challenges, Jephthah chose to develop himself in the art of warfare rather than call a pity party. The man had the I Can mentality. He believed in himself. He refused to give in or give up. He was literally saying to himself, I can and I will succeed. When eventually crisis broke out in the land, guess who the elders sent for? It was the same Jephthah.

Beloved, if Jephthah could succeed in his own days despite his negative stigma and rejection, then you can succeed also. The God who did it for Him will definitely do it for you too. Our God is not a God of partiality, what He does for one He will do for another. Moreover, He does not change with time, what He did in time of old, He can still do today, He is the same yesterday, today and for evermore. The truth is Jephthah had the answer for his time and so do you. When you truly have the answer many will kiss your lips whether they like your face or not. Truly if there was any time believers needed to lead the pack it is now. Catch that revelation and take a quality decision to improve yourself in whatever you are doing because the world is waiting to see you manifest the glory of God. Like someone said, whether you think you can or you think you cant you are right. Choose to believe in yourself. Tell yourself you can: you can walk in forgiveness, you can excel, you can love, you can give; you can do all things, through Christ that strengthens you.

Are you a businessperson, think of new and creative ways of doing your work? Dont just stick to the traditional way of thinking or doing things. This is the time for you to break new grounds and enter into new territories. There is so much you can achieve if you would just put in the extra effort. One little effort you put into your business or career today can be all that God needs to open great doors for you. I declare that you will not miss out from that which God has prepared for you this year in Jesus Name.

Further Reading: Judges 11:1-10 Daily Bible Reading: Morning: Ezekiel 27-29; Evening 1 Peter 3


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