The main emphasis of today’s text is that when I became a man I decided by myself to put away childishness. I want you to understand the traits of a child: he speaks before he understands, runs his mouth before he thinks. The right progression should be to think, understand and speak and not the other way round.

Words are like eggs, when you drop a rotten one, it smells all over the place and you say I didn’t know it was like that. But in the interim, you destroy your work, your business, your family, your marriage, your ministry and what you are involved in and you say you didn’t know it wasn’t like that.

I want to drive this point home with this story: a lady who was about to be married. But her bosom friend went behind her and poisoned the heart of her fiancé by lying to him that the lady was seeing another man.

And as soon as the lady came, he confronted her with the allegation and in anger threw her out of his life. He later got entangled with fiancée’s friend who coaxed him into marrying her. The story came to a climax when the lady who was wrongly accused stepped into the house on the day of the engagement. While the man was agitated at her presence, his parents were happy to see her and received her warmly. Confused by the turn of event, he asked his parents if they knew his ex-fiancée. The lady promptly told him that it was his dad and his mum who took her out the day he accused her. The outcome was that the betrayer was thrown out. What a man sows he will reap.

From the story we can see that if the man had spared a few minutes to listen to his fiancé the story would have been different but he spoke before thinking. That is childishness. Learn to think before you speak.

Strive to grow up so you can become all that God has made you to be.

Further Reading: James 1:19,20 ; 3:1 13 Daily Bible Reading: Morning Deuteronomy 13-15,
Evening Mark 12:28-44


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