”I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 (KJV)

Beloved, all things means all things, no exceptions. Decide within you today that there would be no limitations or impossibilities with you no matter what the enemy throws at you and you will see God move on your behalf in a dimension you have never seen before.

We are told in the scriptures of a man who went through so much setback, and yet overcame. That man was Jephthah. He was the son of a harlot, and as if that was not enough, his brethren also threw him out when his father died. In spite of these challenges, Jephthah refused to call a pity party, but rather chose to develop his skills, talents and abilities. The man had the ‘I can’ mentality. When eventually crisis broke out in the land, guess who the elders sent for? It was the same Jephthah. Beloved, if Jephthah could succeed in his own days, then you can succeed also. Forget about how things didn’t work for you before now, trust God and believe Him for the best this year.

So much must have happened in your life and this should make you stop, think and take stock. Like I said earlier on, the idea is to sit down, get real with yourself and see areas where you can make necessary adjustments just like Jephthah did. When you identify those areas where you desire a change, write them down and begin to pray about them. God has gone ahead of you to make crooked paths straight so decide to stand in there until you receive the favour of the King.

I declare that you would make a difference in your world. I prophesy over your life that, doors will open for you and your paths shall continually drop fatness. You will be celebrated.

Further Reading: Judges 11:1-11 Daily Bible Reading: Morning Joshua 1-3, Evening Mark 16


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