Soon they will be coming with bags of rice, salts, tipens, just to persuate u to kill, destroy, kidnap, hijack, intimidate, and may be get wounded, take the bullet or even die for them. Let’s stop and think, HOW MANY TIMES WILL THEY CONTINUE TO USE AND DUMP OUR YOUTH? The last time they came what has significantly changed? Can you point to anything that they hv done to better your life and that of your family? If they continue looting can u muster the courage to ask them to account for it? Do u want to remain a used and dumped tissue? When will their children thug for you? Can we put on some sanity in us and say NO to all these deceit and demand leadership of accountability, selflessness, unity, equity and justice so that when they fail, we can say with one voice, you hv fail, come back. Let’s understand that we have equal right as they do to occupy that position and you can get there if we all say no to money politics and winner takes it all. If you are empowered to develop your ideas and grow in it, sooner or later, u will become an employer of labour and even their children can become your employees. There is a seed of greatness in you, look inward and ask God for grace and favour to dream dreams and see vision and develop it.


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