Do you knw that we are in the closing days of the last days? Do you knw that the truimpet might sound any second from now?  Lets ask ourselves a pertinent question, How prepared are we for eternity? Your preparation determines where you and how you will spend it. Its not in how much you attend church but in how well you witness for Christ. Whereas we are not doing God any good by living a righteous life or by accepting Jesus as our personal Saviour and Lord, He still love us and wish that we should not perish. How sure are you of tomorow as u r about to sleep now? If you are not sure why not invite Jesus into your life now. Let Him transform you from the kingdom of darkness to His Kingdom where you enjoy peace and abundant life in Christ Jesus. Don’t let this moment pass you, because tomorrow might not come, now is the set time for your salvation. It doesn’t matter how long you have been attending church, stop deceiving yourself, you know yourself better than anybody else, one wrong advice, unforgiveness, unconfess sin, malice, hatred, envy, gossip, lies and such minor acts of sin is enough to send you to hell, why not confess it and repent of it now and be save from eternal damnation. If you hear His words, harden not your heart.


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