The Church was bought by blood even the blood of Jesus, seperated to continue the ministry of Christ on while He goes to prepare a place for us. He also sent the Holy Spirit to us to lead us into all truth and to direct us, guide us and keep us in the right path. The wish of Christ was that we should represent Him on earth so that this section of Our Lord’s prayer “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven” may find fulfilment through us the believers, but a look at the world today shows a picture of a church or believers that are not ready to take up their sonship in Christ, whereas “the earnest espectation of creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God”. How can we manifest when we are not any better than the world. Infact believers nowadays hide under the GRACE that was to liberate us from sin to commit sin and pertuate evil.

It is a common senerio to see believers, and even some so called pastors initiate and supervise crime and sin under grace, and you will hear phrase like, “we are under grace, not under the law”. But I know that grace was to keep us out of sin not us using grace as mask to cover up and commit all sort of sin. This questions are pertinent at this point Does it mean Jesus went to the Cross to give us license to sin? How do we intend to carry out the GREAT COMMISSION when we are not seperated from the world? Does it mean Jesus has suffered in vain?

Jesus passed through the same temptation we are facing now and using as an excuse to sin, but He didnt fall for it. He was hungry and satan asked Him to turn stone into bread which we all know He can do over a thousand times, but he rather prefer to suffer hunger and let the word of God find expression in His life. He was shown the glories of this world which most of us longed for and disnows the Gospel for, but He refuse to worship the devil for our sake. But here we are going out of the Kingdom that controls every other kingdoms to ask for a counterfiet of what we already have, it was given to us at Calvary when He said it is finished, i.e. there is nothing left for the devil to control, all that he took I have collected from him they are now yours. Why are we running after counterfiets and making the word of God of no effect?

We are suppose to represent Christ in everything we are doing, in office, at home, on the road, on air, on sea and in all our dealings so that men will see the glory of God in us and glorify the father who is in heaven, but now even some unbelievers are better than some of us, because we do double of what they do. They go to work by 9am and signs 8am, we go by 10 or 11 and still signs 8am, for fear of not loosing the job. We forget that “unless the Lord keeps the job for us, no ammount of cover up and lies can”. We have mocked Christ before the world and the unbeliever have becomed harden, refusing to follow us to be saved. They change figures, we do the same, comnit adultery and fornication, we do same or even worse, cheat in examinations, we do worse than them, at the end we come and testify in church, the unbeliever is washing. How then do we expect to go and preach to them to repent?  Where is the Christ in us? Why dont we ask ourselves each time we are tempted to sin, “if Jesus was to be in my position now what will He do in this situation? Until we learn to be conscious of the leading of the Holy Spirit, we will not enter into our sonship in life, we will continue to fall and rise because of the mercies of God, that is if we are quick to repent, but must we continue in sin so that grace may abound? What if Jesus comes back and meet us in the very act of sinning? What excuse will we give?

I believe the grace of God is ever sufficient for us at any time to stay out of sin by listening to the leading of the Holy spirit if we will allow Him lead us. This is the time to reflect on what Jesus went through for us so that we may become better citizens of heaven and radiate His glory while we are still here on earth, through good works, righteous living and holiness, without which we can never prosper. Righteousness, holiness and the love of God are the empowerments for prosperity. We can’t claim all that Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection has provided for us if we dont follow His footsteps. Its like a father hidding treasures for the son in the bush so that thiefs will not steal them, before the son can claim it, he has to follow the foot steps of the father in the bush in order to acquire the treasure and take his inheritant. So it is with believer, until will walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, we will never inherit the treasure he bought for us by His precious blood.

Lets represent Him efficiently and effectively. Happy passover feast, and Welcome to the place of all possibilities.



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