Come knowing not trying November 12 Wednesday

“For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole.” Mark 5:28 (KJV)

I know that wherever Jesus is, His power is also present to save, heal, deliver and set free. He is the healer, the Saviour and the great provider. He is the Light, the Water, the Word, the Lily of the valley, the Bright and Morning Star … I can go on and on and I am sure you also know the many names of God, but, do you really believe when you come into His presence? It is one thing to call Him all the names and that is really who He is, but do you truly believe? When you come to Him, do you expect Him to manifest Himself in your life? That thing you are praying for, do you truly believe that He can do it or are you just speaking while your heart is putting together a plan B?

The woman referred to in the scripture above was not thinking of a plan B. She had gone everywhere and was not any better. She had spent and had been spent and was probably left to die. If it was in our day today, they would have given the sickness a name and put her on regular blood transfusion and when she can no longer afford it, she would have been left to die. I am sure women will identify with this woman more because they have a better understanding of what it takes to bleed for so long. I can imagine that she had become so lean and had turned into a sight to behold. Yet in this state, the woman made a wise move. She decided in her heart – confiding in no one, she took a quality decision that all she needed to be whole is to touch the helm of his garment. Think of it: she was not seeking for an appointment; she did not even want to be noticed. She was so consumed with her need that no one else mattered.

In the same way, you too must come to Him with a knowing not just trying. The woman took a decision and she was healed. I challenge you to take a decision today to come to Him with your eyes set on Him and be assured that you will not leave the same way in Jesus’ name.

Further reading: Mk 5:25-34 Daily Bible Reading: Morning Jeremiah 51-52, Evening Hebrews 9


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