The Be-Attitudes November 15 Saturday

“Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid”.

Matthew 5:14 (KJV) Matthew chapters 5 to 7 are popularly called the beatitudes. I call it the Be-attitude of the believer – how a Christian ought to conduct him or herself.

There is a popular saying that attitude is everything. Child of God, you were not born with a good or bad attitude. Attitude is learned and you can learn the right thing and unlearn the wrong thing. Don’t expect those around you to understand and you excuse your bad attitude by saying: that is who you are. I thought you are a Christian? I thought you are a believer? If you are a Christian, that means you are Christ-like, does your attitude align with the attitude of Jesus?

To be the light of the world indeed, take your time to study the three chapters of the Bible – Matthew chapters 5, 6 and 7. Don’t read it in a hurry. To get the full weight of what Jesus is saying, get other translations that will bring it closer home for you – you don’t have to read King James all the time. Read those chapters in at least three other translations but as you read, also take note of the areas in your life you need to work on. By the time you are done, you will be surprised at your list. Now this is the beginning of the desired change. Don’t stop here, you have more to do.

For every habit you need to change, write down what you need to do and give yourself a timeline. Don’t attempt to do it all at once; In fact, you can take one at a time at most, you can take them two or three at a time. When you work on one, the second and the third will be easier and that way as you go down the line, things are changing for good. When the change begins, some people may laugh at you, mock you and say it won’t last. Don’t listen to them. Stay focused; the same people will turn around and commend you when you keep at it.

No one loves discipline, but everyone wants the fruit of discipline. Put your body under today, decide to make certain changes in your life. Write it down, develop action points and work at it. Don’t stop until you make the necessary change and you are well on your way to being a better person.

Further Reading: Matthew 7:16-29 Daily Bible Reading: Morning Ezekiel 1-2, Evening Hebrews 11:1-19


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