Managing information November 17 Monday

”People who tell secrets about others cannot be trusted. Those who can be trusted keep quiet”Proverbs 11:13

There are many lessons we can glean from the life of this woman – Rahab. We have looked at her ability to be courteous, sensitive and positively desperate. Today, let us look at how she managed information. The truth is that for her to be successful in that kind of business, she must be a very confidential person otherwise men will not patronise her because men are very vulnerable at such times. They must have realised that their secret is safe with her. Beloved, trust is built over time but destroyed overnight. Trust can be easily eroded the moment you open your mouth to divulge confidential information. Trust is one virtue that prostitutes don’t possess, but Rahab is an exception to that rule. The king of Jericho was informed that she was keeping some spies in her house, but she refused to divulge the information of their intentions and their whereabouts to the king. The house of a prostitute usually is a place of information, but this woman knew when to keep her mouth shut. You will remember that Samson divulged vital information about his life to a prostitute.

God can’t use you if you are in the habit of running your mouth. How can anyone entrust you with what will advance your course or situation, when they know you can’t manage information? Every time God speaks to you about a person or situation, He is actually telling you so that you can pray about it, not to spread it around. If God were to tell you everything that you do, you would probably run away from Him. He knows everything about you, even the thoughts of your heart yet; He covers it for you and says you are My son. Just imagine if God were to tell every person about what you ever did wrong.

I feel constrained in my spirit to admonish you today to put a watch over your lips. You are a child of the king so you cannot afford to talk anyhow. In Luke 1:19, the Bible tells us that the shepherds came to tell Mary about what they had seen in the sky concerning the baby Jesus. What did she do with that information? The scriptures say she pondered it in her heart. She did not go to town to tell every person, because she did not want to abort anything.

Beloved, if you want to be progressive, be very discreet with the things you divulge. Every now and then God will entrust you with privileged information. God wants to tell you things, He wants to give you access to classified information, but can He trust you? Remember that after Jericho had been destroyed, those spies came back to fetch Rahab and her household. That is what trust can do for you.

FURTHER READING – James 3:1-12, Luke. 2:10-20 Daily Bible Reading: Morning Ezekiel 5-7, Evening Hebrews 12


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