The Heart!!! November 18 Tuesday

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Luke 12:34 (KJV)

One thing about the heart of man is that no one can see it. No matter how you try, only the man and God know the contents of the heart of man. However, one thing you should never forget is that from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. So when you want to know the heart of a man, listen to him. His words mirror the thoughts of his heart. If your heart is filled with evil thoughts, very soon you will speak evil effortlessly and before long no one wants to hang around you because you are bad news. When you speak negatively, you attract the negative things and if those around you are not careful, very soon you will poison their hearts.

That is the challenge of serving God only for what you can get; because you will not serve Him with all your heart. You serve Him with your eyes on financial breakthrough, marriage, fruit of the womb, a good job etc. When the desires come, you are the first to abscond from church and the very things you prayed for become the excuse for not serving Him. The gifts suddenly become bigger than the giver. The Bible says such people worship God with their mouth, yet their heart is far from Him.

Then there is the second group of people who serve God only when the going is good. When there is food on their table, clothes at their back and shelter over their heads, they serve God. They are brimming with smiles singing – the Lord is good, all the time. But the moment things turn the other way, they are also the first to complain that it is not working. They jump from place to place and as such are not planted anywhere. Beloved where is your heart? The bible says “set your affections on things that are above”.

I urge you to serve God with all your heart. Serve Him out of love and you will never regret it.

Further Reading: Lk. 12::22-34; Col. 3: 1-4 Daily Bible Reading: Morning Ezekiel 8-10, Evening Hebrews 13


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