KLWC 2014

[11:03pm, 11/23/2014] Godwin Inimfon: KLWC Day 5 – Evening Session Part 1 – The Word by Dr. Abel Damina

It was another beautiful evening at the Kingdom Life World Conference (KLWC 2014). As usual, we are here to give you highlights of happenings during the programme.

The service started at about 5pm, with Pastor Akan Effiong taking the opening prayer. Then the KLWC praise team took us to the realm with beautiful songs of praise.

There was a drama presentation by TREM Zone 1 which expressed the suffering of a community which had been oppressed by idol worshippers and how they overcame by the Blood of Jesus.

We were then led into worship by the praise team after which the Presiding Bishop, Dr. Mike Okonkwo, introduced the first speaker for the night, Dr. Abel Damina.

THE WORD by Dr. Abel Damina

He preached a message he titled The Death Circle and took his foundation scripture from John 1:12-13.

Death of man from eternity:

Jesus has raised a new generation of men and women who will lead the world and are made in his likeness. Death is not just losing your life; it is separation from the light from God and also suffering.

Every bad thing is an operation of the devil to oppress you. The things that make us suffer are under the death cycle that the devil brought, therefore we are not under the law or the devil’s rule anymore. Our life is under the terms of our son ship, and death is under our control. Even Elijah and Moses could not stand close to Jesus because He was and is “Grace”. Being born again is the removal of the nature of Adam. We are ministers of the New Testament and not the old. The covenant we have is not with God, because we are only human. God is in covenant with Jesus who protects us from death. Jesus is now at the Mercy seat covering our sins; therefore, He has set us free.

Sin brings death and the law gives strength to sin, without sin and law there is no death.

It is appointed once for man to die, and Jesus kept that appointment for you, so you cannot die. Until you understand life and immortality you cannot have eternity.




isn’t just


separation from God, the father.

God knows you cannot keep the commandments. That’s why He gave them to you; because He had no intention for you to keep them (you simply cannot keep them). So, you are connected back to the father after the fall through the death of Christ.

Jesus is the grace of God.

Grace cannot be compared with any other thing in existence.

Jesus is the end and the beginning of an era. He didn’t die just for the forgiveness of your sins else you would be a child of the “devil”. Jesus came both as a lamb and as a scapegoat. He didn’t come as the son of God, He came as the last Adam; that was how He was able to defeat the devil.

Hell cannot carry a man with eternal life. Eternal life is the same life in God. It’s pure and indestructible. Being born again is not the continuation of Adam. If you are in Christ you are not in Adam. Born again is the removal of the nature of Adam and a new nature is injected in with eternal life.

When you become born-again you receive the image of God. A born-again man is a self-contained man. There is no account of the old life.

When you are aware of who you are, sin looses taste of you. When you are born-again you died in Adam and awoke in Christ.

God doesn’t want to be angry with you anymore because His anger was finished on the body of Christ when he died for you.

After the power packed session of prophecies and declarations, the Northern Zone of TREM blessed us with combination of different harmonious songs done in Hausa and English Language. Words can’t describe how the church was moved.

A choir from Lagos Zone 12 with a lead male vocalist led the congregation through a worship ministration. Just like the first choir, they performed a mas-up of songs, but this time they were all in English then another in Zulu.

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), was introduced by the Bishop of TREM.

Prophecies from Dr. Abel Damina.

[11:03pm, 11/23/2014] Godwin Inimfon: KLWC Day 5 – Evening Session Part 2 – The Word by Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

Foundation scripture: 2 Chronicles 13:2-3.

Other Scriptures: 1Kings 18:56, 2cor 1:20, Gal 4:28, Rom 4:20-21, Rev 12:7, 2chro 13:5

Title: God is a Promise Keeper

The reason you can stand up strong in life is because God is a promise keeper.

You don’t win wars because of what you have, you win wars because of what you know.

2 Things about Salt

Salt is a Cleanser: John 15:3, Psalm119:3: When God forgives, He forgets. Don’t be afraid to tell God what you have done. Deal with it or he will deal with you.

Salt is a Taste Giver: When your life lacks favour, your life is tasteless. Favour turns impossibility to possibility. Favour gives you speed.

Prophecies from Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

“Whatever promise He made to you, He will keep it because He is a promise keeper; if He says it He will keep it.”

“Every unfinished battle will be ended in your life by the promise keeper.”

“The one who made promises to you has the capacity to keep it.”

“Whatever you are facing today will come to an end.”

“God will end your battles.”

“God has sent me here to remind you that He is the promise keeper.”

“When you leave here tonight you will begin to declare your victory.”

“Wipe your tears, your season of tears are over.”

“Let the walls of Jericho in your life come down.”

“May anybody that escorted you not take what belongs to you.”

“God will salt your legs in the right direction. Psalm 41:11. 1samuel 16:7”

“God will locate you wherever you are; the salt in your life will make people look for you.” 2 Samuel 7:2 – 5. 1 Chronicles 22:14.

“Salt is coming on you now!”

“God does not take people out except he wants to bring them in.” 1samuel 19:10

“God will disgrace every Saul boasting in your life.”

“Between now and December 31st, get ready for surprises.”

“Those who thought they knew you are in for a surprise.”

“Anyone standing in the way of your success, I command them to come down.”

“No sickness or trap will kill you this year.”

“Your life will always be salted for favour.”

“Your enemies will see you shine.”
[11:03pm, 11/23/2014] Godwin Inimfon: Prophecies from Dr. Abel Damina.

“We have gone beyond the level of being servants of God, we are now the Sons of God”

“The coming of God in a man makes a God over the man.”

“I declare over you that, by the power of God, you will shake your generation.”

“The greatest gift God had given man was eternal life, but after men fell he became a victim of what he was to be a victor over; a servant instead of a son.”

“Everything that has been speaking negativity in your life will shut up from now.”

“Whatever was not working in your life will start working.”

“Seven days from now, whatever the devil has taken from you will be returned!”

“Your testimony will have no explanation; you will shock the devil with your testimony!”

“Whatever he took from you, before the last day of the year, it is coming back to you!”

“The devil has lost control over your life and everything that concerns you.”

“You are blessed to shine. No curse, only blessings.”

“Where labour has failed you grace has taken over.”

“Your time to shine has arrived.”

“Before December 31st you will come with your testimony.”

“God has blessed you so you can’t be cursed because the cross is in your life.”

“Whatever obstacle has hindered you before now, is removed.”

“Your uplifting has no measurement.”
[11:03pm, 11/23/2014] Godwin Inimfon: KLWC 2014 – Grand Finale – Part 1

Rev. Nonso Udomah opened the service at about 8:00am with the opening prayer. Rev. Segun Adenowo led the National Anthem and prayers for the country after which the Evergreen Evangel Voices led the congregation in a beautiful praise session.

Rev. Obinna Nwaknwo from TREM Pretoria, South-Africa was the moderator for the closing ceremony. After duly observing all protocols, he announced the sale of Bishop’s messages from 1991 till date for just NGN 2000. He also mentioned the KLWC Special edition of the Power in the Word magazine which was on sale.

Immediately after that was the first ministration in songs by the Lagos Mass choir; they were indeed so amazing. They sang so well and the church danced to their harmonious songs. After such a wonderful ministration, the Children’s mass choir, beautifully dressed in black, red and white, took the service to another level. The different soloists for the children’s choir were so bold and courageous, singing their hearts out like adults. What can we say about the Young People’s choir? They left us dancing joyfully as we sang along with them.

The mother of all choirs, the Evangel Voices led us into a glorious worship session before Bishop Mike came on to deliver the word.
[11:03pm, 11/23/2014] Godwin Inimfon: KLWC 2014 – Grand Finale Part 2 –The Word by Bishop Mike Okonkwo

Anchored in Him

1 Corinthians 2: 1-5, Hebrews 6: 12-19, 2 Timothy 3

God is still sitting on His throne, not nervous or scared. He doesn’t react; He does what he wants to do knowing it will come to pass. Every word God speaks has the ingredient to bring it to pass. There is an increase in satanic activities around the earth. God is not powerless or tied up. Every word God speaks will come to pass. The problem God has always had with man is that man is always trying to help God. Many have aborted the manifestation of God in their life because they put their hand in God’s business.

God likes it when you let Him be who He is. Your survival is predicated on who you are anchored to. Like never before in this day and hour, we need an anchor for our soul. Until you have an anchor, there is no victory in sight.

Luke 21:11, John 4:27, John 16:33, John 1:13-14

The only reliable and stable material that has a semblance of heaven that we can see and hold on to is the Word of God. Yet, we take it for granted.

No power can stop the Word of God; God’s word cannot return unto him void.

Parents, I beg of you, let your children drink from the pure water of God’s word. Nothing happens from nothing. When you disregard your responsibilities someone else will teach your child.

The battle for the souls of this generation is strong. The devil is contending for this generation, that’s why we should not joke with spiritual things. It is time to put on the armor of God.

Abraham believed according to that which was spoken. He latched on to supernatural hope. He believed in God. All things are possible to him that believes. As a child of God, you operate from a platform that cannot be shaken. Everywhere, the kingdom of God is unshakeable. Leave this conference knowing that God has put you in charge. A mark of victory is upon your life. Against hope, we believe in hope.

The devil will lie but we know the truth. Pray that your faith will not fail you. If your faith should fail you, shift to trust. Trust is a higher level of faith. We are entering an era of trust.

No matter where you have fallen, you will rise again. In your life, you will make wave.

Job 13:15, Job 19:23, Joshua 1:8, 2 Timothy 1:17

You cannot serve God and be a disappointment. The power of God will produce what God has said. You are not making a mistake serving God. Declare the Word over yourself, it would produce. Don’t doubt God. Nothing is impossible with God.
[11:03pm, 11/23/2014] Godwin Inimfon: KLWC 2014 – Grand Finale –Declarations by Bishop Mike Okonkwo

Whatever God has spoken to you shall come to pass; You will not die of sickness, disease or poverty; You are winning; The lines are falling unto you in pleasant places; I call you blessed; I call creation to work on your behalf; The devil will never take your crown; The devil will never see your tears; Your life will not end in disaster; Your mockery ends today; Your moment of celebration has come; No more struggle in your life; Every delay is removed; You will no longer be embarrassed; You will not die prematurely; You will never miss any opportunity; You will pursue, overtake and recover all; I release you into wealth; I render all evil altars silenced; You are the generation of the righteous; You will be established; Creditors will never take what belongs to you; You will not labor for trouble; The Lord will protect you everywhere; Your face will shine with favor; I release creative ability; In oil industry, banking and finance, entertainment and culture, etc I release you today; In the world of politics I release you; You will sign in millions and billions; You will excel in your studies; No longer will money embarrass you; By the mandate of Heaven I release the cutting edge anointing upon your life; Every delay and interception in your life is lifted right now; I release the gift of the spirit in you right now; Clear revelations will be your portion; Clear visions, I release unto you; Men and women of substance will stand by you; Before the first quarter, someone will collect a contract of millions; Your star will shine; You will wake up in mega places; As hell could not stop Jesus, nothing can stop you; Your help is coming; Whatever God has spoken to you will come to pass; You will not die, they will hear from you. Where you have walked, you will begin to run, where you ran, you will begin to fly, where you flew, you will begin to soar; Where everyone has fallen, you will not fall; You are in charge; The mark of kingship is upon your life; God is taking you by hand, breaking you through that obstacle; Your name will be heard for good before March next year; Your light will not quench; Some things that God will do in your life, will happen within the twinkling of an eye; I declare speed in your life; Your stand is secure; You shall rise again; You will not see shame; It is your season of REST; This year marks the end of your struggle; Your enemies will not rejoice over you; You will make a formidable impact in your world for the Kingdom.


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