FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH November 26, Wednesday

”Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life”1Timothy6:12

The Christian life is not a passive one. I know many people have preached that the believer must be peace-loving at all times. We have heard it said again and again that to be an example of a Christian, we must seek peace and pursue it. Yes, I totally agree. Every child of God must pursue peace with all men. But the same scripture says, fight the good fight of faith. That means, there is a good fight and there is a bad fight.

While you are maintaining peace, God has also empowered you to refuse every lie of the devil. It is not humility to be sick. It is not humility to be poor. No one will want your Jesus if you cannot eat a square meal a day talk less of three. No one will want your Jesus if you cannot afford the basic things of life. Understand me, read my heart, yes, there may be seasons of contradiction, but that is not supposed to be the final destination of your life. When you get into those seasons of contradiction, rise up in your spirit and fight the good fight of faith. Take the word of God back to Him in prayer, confront your confrontations, attack your attackers and be assured that victory is yours.

When I say fight the fight of faith; notice that I did not say fight the devil. There is no where in the scriptures that God said we should fight the devil, rather the Bible says we should resist the devil (1 Peter 5:8-9, James 4:7). You resist the devil and not fight him because Jesus Christ had fought and defeated him Col.2:15, Jesus made a show of devil’s defeat openly.

The fight the believer is engaged in is the fight of faith and that is where you release patience. What is the fight of faith? It is the fight for the word that God gave you, the promises of God. God has released His word but the devil has come to steal the word, to make it a lie, so I have to say ‘I believe the word’. My body is paining me but I believe the word of healing, my meal barrel is empty but I believe the word of God. The husband is not coming, my children are rebellious, my husband is not treating me well, things are turning upside down and I don’t even know which way to turn but I have prayed and I am standing on the word of God. That is the fight of faith. 1 Timothy 1:18, take the word and war a good warfare.

I believe the word, though it does not make sense, that is faith and that is why the bible says that the just shall live by his faith Gal.3:11. Let me tell you that it will be very hard to live in the days we are in and in the coming days if you don’t know how to function by faith, if you don’t know how to stand your ground. The devil has come out of his closet; he is bringing everything he has to ensure that the believer does not manifest the glory of God. Therefore, we must put on the whole amour of God and resist him till he backs off. So our fight of faith is the fight to stand in the word of God.

Further Reading: Matt. 4:1-11, Isaiah 55:10-11. Daily Bible Reading: Morning Ezekiel 27-29, Evening1 Peter 3


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