”And they told him, and said, we came unto the land wither thou sentest us, and surely it floweth with milk and honey: and this is the fruit of it”.Numbers 13:27

When God told Moses and the people that He had given them Jericho, He didn’t tell them about the giants, but about the land flowing with milk and honey. He wanted them to see the milk and honey and not the giants. Some came back and said they saw themselves as grasshoppers, while only two believed in what God said and refused to see the giants. These two spies, Joshua and Caleb agreed with what God had said and even pointed to the fruit of the land as evidence of its goodness. Before I take a step further, let me ask you this: if the land truly eats its inhabitants as the 10 spies reported, how come there were giants in the land. It would have made more sense for them to talk about dwarfs in the land because the land eats up its inhabitants. Do you see how the devil magnifies the wrong things?

The spies brought back grapes so big that one person could not carry it, yet all the 10 spies could see were the giants. Second question: why didn’t the giants kill them, after all they cut the grapes and carried those giant things through the wilderness. With such a load, definitely, they will not be able to run. With such a load, they will be easier prey to the giants, yet they successfully carried the grapes to the children of Israel and all they could report is about giants in the land.

Before you laugh at them, are you not like that some times? Are there not times that God had healed you and set you free and given you great deliverances and then something a lot smaller comes around, rather than calling to mind the victory of yesterday, you run from pillar to post seeking for human help? The devil makes a little pronouncement and you lose sleep because you cannot see what God has spoken concerning you.

For as long as you see yourself in the light, of what God has said concerning you, let the tempest rage, or billows toss high but they will not stop you because you are seeing what God told you. Begin to picture in your mind, what your miracle will look like. It could be your wedding day, a new car, promotion or that new house.

The Bible is a book of pictures; access it to see your picture. Do not believe the lie that your body is telling you, go into the word and look at your picture. The 2 spies saw the grapes and they believed the land was theirs. The picture of the grapes never left their hearts until the day they possessed the land. Let the picture of where God is taking you to fill your mind and heart..

FURTHER READING – Numbers 13:22-33 Daily Bible Reading: Morning Ezekiel 33-34, Evening 1 Peter 5


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