Take the risk
December 8, Monday

” But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26 (KJV)

If you want to make progress, be ready to come out of your comfort zone. Enough of being comfortable; take a giant step and watch God help you take the rest. I perceive that the inhabitants of Jericho were confident that their high walls could protect them from external aggression, but one person thought differently. Rahab the prostitute knew that God had handed over Jericho, and so she did the unusual just to preserve her life and that of her entire family.

You will notice that she took a calculated risk by hiding the men who came to spy out the land. Many times God wants to show us things that look like calculated risks, but we don’t listen to Him because we like the comfort zone. Check out any person who is making progress, they are risk takers. It takes risk to deceive the king of Jericho, just like it takes risk to venture into the capital market today the world over. Put on your imagination, just suppose the king discovered what Rahab did. Can you imagine? That is nothing but treason. But Rahab stuck out her neck and hid the people of God.

If you are desperate to experience the move of God in your life, you must be ready to stick out your neck when God gives you an opportunity to step up to the next level. You must be led by the Spirit of God and follow Him every step of the way. You cannot take instruction half way and then conclude with your own idea. No, you must learn to follow God every step of the way.

Peter had the rare privilege to walk on water, just like Jesus did. He took a risk with his eyes focussed on Jesus and while his eyes were on Jesus, the word sustained him and he walked on the water. But the moment he took his eyes of Jesus and looked at the storm, he began to sink. If you are desperate, then you must focus totally on God. He is expecting you to walk on great financial waters and opportunities, so take away the limits from your life.

Don’t put a limit on God. He is not asking for your sympathy because He is the Almighty, the Possessor of the universe, the same yesterday, today and forever. Get into the realm of possibilities, jump on the lap of God and collect everything He has in stock for you. God will move when you take a step of faith today.

FURTHER READING – Hebrews 11:1-11, 30-31 Daily Bible Reading: Morning Daniel 8-10, Evening 3 John


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