Stretch Your Hand
December 16, Tuesday

“Then saith he to the man, Stretch forth thine hand. And he stretched it forth; and it was restored whole, like as the other.” Matthew 12:13 (KJV)

Today, unfortunately, there are many in the church with inactive hands, yet there is plenty to receive from the presence of the Lord. The man in the scripture above was in the very presence of Jesus, yet his hand was withered. Jesus was there to give him anything and everything that he needed, because Jesus is the Son of God, yet this man could not receive much because his hand was withered. Like in the natural, if you have only one hand, you are limited to a certain extent in the volume of things you can carry.

The withered hand can be likened to spiritual insensitivity. Many come to the church today in search of the miraculous, but miss it because they could not discern their time of visitation. Is it any wonder why many come today to the church where there is a massive move of God yet leave with trickles because their hand is withered? Think of Elijah’s experience in 1 Kgs 19. God said he should go and stand on the mountain where He, the Lord, will visit him and he obeyed. But the first thing that came was the wind? Can you imagine the whirlwind that could have indicated the supernatural move of God? But Elijah was sensitive enough to know that God was not in the wind. After the wind, came the earthquake. Can you imagine how that could have distracted Elijah? The earthquake came and shook everything possible, but could not shift Elijah’s gaze, because Elijah had walked with God and was sensitive to discern that God was not in the quake Then came the fire; you will recall that God called Moses through the burning bush, but Elijah knew that though God can walk through the fire, He was not in that fire and then came the still small voice. The Bible was careful to describe it – it was not a loud voice, a shout or a thunder, but a still small voice, yet Elijah was sensitive enough to know that it was God.

Jesus knew that the man could not receive anything with withered hand and so commanded him to stretch out the hands and immediately the hands were healed. Today, God is coming your way to heal you of spiritual insensitivity.

Further reading: Matt. 12:9-13 Daily Bible Reading: Morning Amos 4-6, Evening Revelation 7


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