Monday, 12 January 2015

“Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people that I may discern between good and bad: for who is able to judge this thy so great a people?” 1 Kings 3:9 (KJV)

Solomon was busy loving God by worshipping with 1000 burnt offerings when the Lord came to him in a vision at night. Solomon was already loaded. His father had left him everything when he passed away, so even the money that he would use to build the temple had already been provided to him. His father made sure he was given everything he needed and also made sure that his officers were well supplied. All the materials were already there on the ground. And God came to the scene to show us how He functions. It is not a matter of whether you are rich or poor but whether you work based on the kingdom’s principles. When you function using the kingdom’s principles, God will visit you. Most people would say, “This man already has enough. Let’s look for someone who does not have anything,” but God will always visit those pursuing the kingdom’s agenda.

Solomon slaughtered a lot of animals as offerings and God gave him an unlimited line of finance. Solomon requested wisdom and an understanding heart so that he could effectively handle what God had put into his hands. “I don’t want to fail you. Show me what to do,” is the kingdom mentality. The key phrase in God’s response to Solomon’s request is found in 1 Kings 3:11, “Because thou . . . hast not asked for thyself” (KJV). This is what compelled God to give Solomon everything he asked for. When you live for yourself, you are not living for the kingdom. When your attitude, your behaviour, your relationship with your brother, sister, and husband or your wife, is always about how they can benefit you, you don’t have the kingdom mentality. In such a situation, you are following your own agenda-not the kingdom’s agenda-and the result is that you will keep on struggling. David did not ask for himself; he was only looking for how his life could bless somebody.

Let your life bless somebody. Being self-centred was what the devil took advantage of in deceiving mankind into sin. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and pride of life are all different types of self-centredness. When your request is about what you need to further the kingdom, God will do fulfil it. He will even give you things you didn’t ask for. Seek ye first the kingdom and its righteousness. Then all other things shall be given unto you. Whether you like it or not, heaven will provide; it is automatic. Pursue the kingdom’s principle. Pursue the kingdom’s agenda in your words, thoughts, and day-to-day life. God will come through for you. I see you testify in Jesus’s name.

Further reading: 1 Kings 3:4-15, Matthew 6:33 Daily Bible reading: Morning-Genesis 29-30, Evening-Matthew 9:1-17


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