Monday, 19 January 2015

“My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise.”Psalm 57:7 (KJV)

Child of God, I am bringing this topic for the third day running because I have realized that praise is God’s secret for man to assess God’s provision. This message is coming to you to awaken in you the desire and the hunger to worship God, which so many believers have lost. What we are experiencing is a struggle and we feel we are doing God a favour by worshiping Him. You need to understand that with or without your praise, God will always be God. It’s a privilege to worship Him. Don’t forsake praise because it is in praise that you can access God’s provisions.

When you praise and worship God, no man is your audience, so you have to forget about man. God enjoys the sound of your voice, the way you gesticulate, the way you dance, how you play instruments, and the way you shout when you praise or worship. He loves it whether you do it gently or decide to do it extravagantly. So when you praise or worship God, do it unto Him and His hand will be mighty upon your life. Don’t wait for the Praise and Worship leader in church to lead you into God’s presence; be ready to praise God with or without instruments in and out of church. Make praise your lifestyle. Praise God not because of what you are experiencing, but for what He has said because His word never fails. Worship Him simply for who He is.

As you return to the place of praise, I declare that whatever is pending in your life will come to an end. Whatever designs the enemy is making in your life, your finances, your business, your family, your academics, or your health shall be destroyed. Every satanic manipulation that seeks to make the word of God a lie, by the reason of the covenant, comes to an end right now. Let creative miracles take place in your life. Let damaged organs be replaced because nothing negative can stand in the presence of God.

Whatever is contending with your uplifting or destiny, today, by the authority of heaven, let it be destroyed. Sickness is over in your life. Famine is over in your life in Jesus’s name.

Further reading: Psalm 149:1-9 Daily Bible reading: Morning-Genesis 46-48, Evening-Matthew 13:1-30


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