“But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost” Jude 1:20 (KJV)

Abimelech, in Judges 9, represents Satan. He could not get to the people of God living in Thebez because, not only did they go into the strong tower but, they also reached the top. No matter how hard the devil tries, he cannot get you because your life is hidden in Christ and in God. You are not ordinary. You are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works; God hath ordained before that you should walk in them. Therefore what you bind on earth is bound in heaven. What you loose is loosed. You are a king and a priest. Where there is the word of a king there is power, so where your word is there is power.

You must use all your unlimited potential and unleash it so that you will become invisible to the devil. I wake up every morning and I say to myself, “I am invisible. Evil bows before me. The wicked bows at my gate. No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper. Any tongue that rises against me I condemn. Others shall surely gather but they’re not by my God. Those who are gathering against me shall surely fall for my sake. I am blessed going out; I am blessed coming in. I have been empowered to succeed and so anywhere I go I must succeed. Even if things are not working somewhere, because I have arrived, they will work.”

The Bible says that the people of Thebez not only got to the top of the tower but also that a certain woman threw down a millstone and broke Abimelech’s head. This signifies that when you grow to spiritual maturity, you will gain the capacity to confront your enemies. No matter how new you are, what you require is spiritual capacity.

Women are generally regarded as weaker vessels. This is meant in regard to their physiology; that is, they are not built like men. By their makeup they are weak, but it was a weak woman who threw the stone that broke Abimelech’s head. All you need to do is grow in the Lord. When you do, even as a new Christian, you can put the devil where he belongs. Regardless of the challenge, if you know your rights and privileges, it will be overcome.

I challenge you to keep growing in the Lord and I declare to you today that every challenge confronting you at home, in marriage, at school, at work, or in your business and finances will be conquered. This year you will sing a new song. Surely, you will testify.

Further reading: Judges 9:50-57 Daily Bible reading: Morning-Leviticus 11-12, Evening-Matthew 26:1-25


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