Tuesday, 21 April 2015

“[. . .] Christ in you, the hope of glory:” Colossians 1:27 (KJV)

Beloved, simply put, Christ in you is the end of shame and embarrassment. Christ in you is the end of frustration, disappointment and failure. I want to remind you that God will do anything for the sake of Christ that is in you. Remember He quickened you, raised you up and made you to sit with Christ in heavenly places far above principalities and powers. That is why you can never fail.

However, it is not enough to know what God has done for you in Christ; the real question is what are you doing for the kingdom? It is time to begin to use your God advantage to daze your world. With Jesus on the inside working on the outside you have more than what it takes. Remember Jesus didn’t have to die, but He did, so you can walk in royalty. It is not God’s intention for you to push a wheel barrow all the days of your life. God wants you to be a good specimen to the world. He wants you to be blessed. So refuse to be satisfied with the crumbs. Put on the imagination of success. Think big. Talk big.

In Genesis 11, God saw determination in a set of people who were building a tower and He exclaimed and said “nothing that they have imagined to do can fail.” If you can imagine it or capture the picture inside you, it doesn’t matter how many are against you, I dare to tell you that it can work. Stay with your dream. Create what you want to see and pretty soon you will see a manifestation.

I declare that everything that once stood against you will fall for your sake. This year, you will sing your song and dance your dance. Settle it in your heart that, God who did not spare His only begotten Son Jesus, but gave Him to you, will also through Him freely give you all things. You can’t be denied. I will hear your testimony.

Further reading: Romans 8:31-32, Genesis 11:1-8, Ephesians 2:6 Daily Bible reading: Morning-2 Samuel 12-13, Evening-Luke 16


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